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History of the RCCSS(C)

Since its establishment well over a century ago, chiropractic has played a valuable role with athletes from recreational sports to international competition. And, for over half a century the chiropractic sports community has been firmly entrenched with sport organizations as a valued partner in health care delivery. In one of the first documented partnerships, Dr. Harry Williams, a Canadian chiropractor, worked in the 1950’s with the Toronto Maple Leafs professional hockey team, providing years of professional service. Dr. Williams gained a renowned reputation for enhancing athlete performance and reducing time loss from injury.

As the Canadian population began to develop a greater interest in structured physical activity and participate in the trend of organized sport, the demand for sports-centred chiropractic grew. By 1970, there were nearly 1000 chiropractors registered in the province of Ontario alone; a number substantially larger that when it first received legislation in the 1920s. As the professional membership grew, special interest groups began to emerge. One of the earliest and most prominent factions was in the area of sports chiropractic.