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FELLOW – An individual who has successfully completed the RCCSS(C) Sports Sciences Residency Program (SSRP), met the requirements of the Fellowship and is permitted to use the designation FRCCSS(C).

RESIDENT - Any individual who had successfully completed the examination for at least one level of the Corporation’s former Field Practitioner Program (FPP), has been accepted into and has commenced the Sports Sciences Residency Program (SSRP), or has been accepted into and commenced a sports sciences residency program at a Canadian Chiropractic institution approved by the Corporation, and accredited by the Council of Chiropractic Education.

MEMBER - An individual whom has not completed, or are not involved in any phase of the residency program of the RCCSS(C), but as chiropractors, have a specific interest in the field of sports injuries/sciences, and/or are members of, or affiliated with sports injury or fitness organizations, committees or councils.

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