The SSRP academic content must consist of a minimum of Masters level education in the Canadian University system or equivalent. It is the responsibility of candidates to ensure the ability to audit Masters level courses or participate in a Masters program at an institution approved by the Residency Committee. It is the responsibility of the candidates to provide a letter of acceptance to a Masters Program or written proof of permission if auditing Masters level courses, prior to acceptance into the SSRP.

dragon boat2It is the mandate of the RCCSS(C) to provide the chiropractic profession with the most qualified Sports chiropractors worldwide through completion of this innovative program. The RCCSS(C) is continually reviewing the standardization of injury management protocols, rehabilitation, diagnostic and therapeutic terminology as well as public education and awareness initiatives. Fellows of the RCCSS(C) are active in maintaining awareness of current concepts, general health and wellness issues and performance conditioning by addressing biomechanical integrity and the physics of human motion. Research in all aspects of the sports sciences as it relates to chiropractic is integrated into both the educational component of the program as well as encouraged throughout the sports specialist’s career.

Through the past efforts of the RCCSS(C), Sports chiropractors now are part of the Canadian Core Health Care Teams for Major and Minor Games. Minor or developmental games include the World University Games (Summer and Winter), World Francophone Games, Commonwealth Games and Canada Games (Summer and Winter). Major Games include the Pan American Games, Paralympics (Summer and Winter) and Olympics (Summer and Winter). Presently, the health care teams allot positions for sports chiropractors. Furthermore, sports chiropractors are considered a valued partner in the multidisciplinary care of athletes, maintaining funding support for treatment/management of national level athletes from several Canadian Sport Centres across the country and through various National Sport Organizations. As sport specialists with a unique view of the human body and its mechanics, we are now being approached to participate as part of the health care teams and organizations for a variety of national and international events, and participating in inter-professional sports sciences research.

The RCCSS(C) maintains and encourages the highest standards and ethics of practice as a part of the chiropractic profession with a detailed “Code of Conduct” and “Guidelines for Chiropractors at Athletic Events” adopted by all RCCSS(C) members and the Canadian Chiropractic Protective Association (CCPA).

The Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences (Canada) has become a leading organization in the chiropractic profession and in the Sports health care field nationally and internationally through the dedication of many chiropractors that have given of their time and expertise over the past two decades.